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Can I pay my ticket at the municipal court?
The Anthony Municipal Court can only accept payments where the case is brought forth to the municipal court.

What happens if I don't appear to court when I'm ordered?
The Court may issue a bench warrant, suspend your Driver's License, or both.

How do I reschedule my court date?
Contact the court at (575) 882-5722 for instructions on how to reschedule your court date.

I have a pending case at another court in New Mexico, can I resolve this matter at the Anthony Municipal Court?
No, you need to contact the court directly where you have any other cases with.

Can I pay my citation to the Motor Vehicle Division [MVD]?
No. It is very important that you make sure to whom the payment should be made prior to making any payments. If you were cited by an Anthony Police Officer in the city of Anthony, NM then you need to make your penalty assessment payment to the Anthony Municipal Court. Payments made to the MVD
WILL NOT be sent to the court, failure to make the payment will result in a license suspension.

What is an arraignment?
The arraignment is your first appearance to the court. On this day you will enter a plea to the charges filed against you. You may enter a plea of: GUILTY, NOT GUILTY, NO CONTEST.

Will the Officer be preset at the Arraignment?
No, the officer will not be present at your arraignment, as you're only entering a plea to the charges. If you plea NOT GUILTY the court will set a Trial for a future date which at that time the officer will be present.

I was given a citation by an Anthony Police Officer but my ticket was sent to the Magistrate Court, is this possible?
Yes,  Anthony Police Officers have the discretion to send the citation to the Magistrate Court if he or she deems appropriate to do so.

I was cited outside Anthony City limits, ex: Santa Teresa, and/or by another officer that is not an Anthony Police Officer, he or she said my citation would be sent to Anthony. Will it be filed at the municipal court?
No, any citations that are not given by any City of Anthony Officer will not be filed with the Anthony Municipal Court. Usually if your citation is sent to Anthony and is not with the municipal court, your citation will be sent to the Dona Ana Magistrate Court.

Does the Anthony Municipal Court have any job openings?
The Anthony Municipal Court is currently hiring for a part-time opportunity! Please give us a call for more information.