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Can I pay my ticket at the municipal court?
The Anthony Municipal Court can only accept payments where the case is brought forth to that court.

What happens if I don't appear to court when I'm ordered?
The Court may issue a bench warrant, suspend your license, or both.

How do I reschedule my court date?
Contact (575)882-5722 to reschedule your court date.

I have a pending case at another municipal court in New Mexico, can I resolve that matter at the Anthony Municipal Court?
No, you would need to directly contact the court in which you have a pending matter at.

Can I pay my ticket online or at the MVD?
No, a citation given by an Anthony Police Officer or any other city officer must be paid to the Anthony Municipal Court and to no other court or to the MVD. If a payment is made to the MVD the court will not be able to collect the payment and you will not be in good standing with the court which could result in the issuance of a Bench Warrant or Driver's License Suspension or both. Please make sure you are making the payment to the correct court or location. Please refer to the "Payments" section for more information.